Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revlon - Cloud

Revlon's Cloud! It's a nice pastel-like purple that has a blue/grayish hue. I have 2 polishes from Revlon and I thought their formula was streaky and bubbled and I thought it might've just been my technique but I saw other reviews saying the same so I guess it's not just me!

This took 3 coats for the streaky look to go away but after 3 coats, there were still a bunch of small imperfections including bubbles!

I just bought a bottle of top coat from Seche Vite and was looking forward to trying it after my Deborah Lippman polish chipped after 1 day! I'm happy to say it did not disappoint at all. It dried fast, made the nail super glossy and got rid of all traces of streaks, bubbles and the other uneven areas - I couldn't stop running my fingers over it today!

Finally got to take a picture with proper sunlight today, haha (yay!).

Annnnddd I love the name of the polish, I think it's so cute :)

PS. Any suggestions for nail treatments? I always see 'nail restoration' polishes but never know which one is actually good. My nails have been hurting lately and I think I should use it and give my nails a rest soon.

Deborah Lippmann - Across The Universe

After a longing for Katy Perry's collaboration with OPI line (in particular, Teenage Dream), I opted to get Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe instead. Not that I have any regrets. Although this polish isn't new (Fall 2010, I think), I have read too many reviews about this colour and today I decided it was just enough and I was going to get it. Luckily, the Holt Renfrew near my work place had it in stock so I happily picked it up at lunch :)

Application was smooth. I should've waited longer between coats and applied thinner coats so that the colour could've turned out lighter. I'm still in love with it, though. The layers of teal sequins and blue glitter swimming in the blue jelly polish came out looking amazing. It dries relatively smooth as well. I would still recommend putting a top coat (or two!) on, though.

Unfortunately, leaving home for work early and returning late means I pretty much don't see the sun so I won't be able to capture this beautiful polish in sunlight. But, I took some using artificial lighting.
Here, I put on a base coat, around 4-5 coats of the lippmann polish, and two coats of top coat.

These pictures really don't do the polish justice, but isn't it pretty? I love a polish where I don't feel the need to decorate it somehow just because it's that good on it's own :)

Red Earth - Shimmer

Sunday means finally-have-time-to-post day! You know I'm busy and tired from work and life when I only have time to do my nails once a week : (

Haven't been feeling very inspired lately so I just tried out a polish my sister gave me that she got many years ago. It's Shimmer from Red Earth. It looked really pretty in the bottle and I expected it to look more like this (with flash) ...

... but it looked more like silver which I did not like so I was going to take it right off but decided to wear it for the rest of the day since I didn't have enough time to change it when I did it yesterday. I actually ended up really liking it after wearing it through the day and seeing how it looked in different lighting and angles.

Application was pretty smooth but drying was a bit slow and it took 5 coats before I couldn't see VNL anymore.

Under artificial lighting.

Under sunlight.

Dreamy Glitter Blush

I was really sad when I broke a nail yesterday :( So I had to cut them all. Hate to sound like 'such a girl' but I haaaate when it happens. Anyway, Sunday is my day of rest :) So of course I did my nails.

I bought some nail polishes from Charlotte Russe during the Christmas break. It was a little side purchase in addition to the clothes I bought there since they were only $2.99 for a set of 3. This one (base colour) is called Blush. The glitter on top was this amazingly cute glitter polish I got last weekend. I was so so so so very excited when I bought this since it's pink and it has a very good mix of glitter - little orange/pink circles, shiny glitter and little pink stars. It's called Dreamy Glitter by NYX. I bought a bottle for my friend too cus I like it so much and it's so perfect for layering :)

I used 3 coats of Blush, 2 coats of Dreamy Glitter and 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat.

Close up of the glitter!

The picture above shows the true colour well

Closer look at the glitter in the bottle, I love this! Much better and more exciting than the glitter polishes from OPI's Nicole collection.

P.S. Sorry my nails are still messy. I usually wait a few hours before I clean them up with a q-tip but I was too excited to take pictures so I'll be cleaning them later.

China Glaze - Sunset Sail

So I've been reading reviews about and looking at China's Glaze's new Anchors Away Collection for Spring 2011 for a couple weeks now and really had my eye on Sunset Sail. Apparently the collection is officially out Jan 12, 2011 but I purchased it at my favourite China Glaze store last weekend. Originally it was just a trip to look at nail polishes but I got pretty excited when I saw the new collection sitting on the counter. I'd been exhausted from work lately with the wonderful addition of the lengthy and painfully slow commute that comes with travelling from uptown to downtown via the TTC, but I was finally able to try it last night.

And wow. I love this colour. It's described as a "delightful peachy pink high shine crème" and to me, that description is pretty close. It's a pastel-like nude peach colour with a subtle glittery sheen that you can only really see in sunlight. This is definitely my new favourite colour in my collection of nail polishes and it's a shade that is conservative enough for work :).

This picture may not capture Sunset Sail in all it's glory.. I really need to learn how to use my camera.