Sunday, January 30, 2011

Revlon - Cloud

Revlon's Cloud! It's a nice pastel-like purple that has a blue/grayish hue. I have 2 polishes from Revlon and I thought their formula was streaky and bubbled and I thought it might've just been my technique but I saw other reviews saying the same so I guess it's not just me!

This took 3 coats for the streaky look to go away but after 3 coats, there were still a bunch of small imperfections including bubbles!

I just bought a bottle of top coat from Seche Vite and was looking forward to trying it after my Deborah Lippman polish chipped after 1 day! I'm happy to say it did not disappoint at all. It dried fast, made the nail super glossy and got rid of all traces of streaks, bubbles and the other uneven areas - I couldn't stop running my fingers over it today!

Finally got to take a picture with proper sunlight today, haha (yay!).

Annnnddd I love the name of the polish, I think it's so cute :)

PS. Any suggestions for nail treatments? I always see 'nail restoration' polishes but never know which one is actually good. My nails have been hurting lately and I think I should use it and give my nails a rest soon.

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