Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zoya - Bela

I saw Black Swan a couple weeks ago and although it was way too dark for me, I found Natalie Portman beautiful beyond words and the whole ballet concept absolutely irresistible! If you didn't know, this Zoya colour was shown in the movie. It had a little screen time when Natalie Portman was sitting in her change room. And yes, I am a pathetic sucker for marketing ploys. Anyways, I really wanted to get Zoya's Bela since.

As expected, it was a sheer polish that reminded me of a very soft pink jelly. However, after 3 coats, most of the VNL was gone. Application was pretty smooth and easy but a bit runny for my taste.

This picture doesn't show the true colour but I'm holding the bottle!

I was travelling downtown to go to work and my mom is usually with me in the mornings cus she works downtown as well and I started taking pictures of my nails cus I wanted to get a good picture of the true colour and she was like "What the hell are you doing..." LOL. Only us nail people will understand... Anyway, the picture below is a better depiction of what it really looks like (sorry for the blurriness). It's really a brighter pink than the one shown above.

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