Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's been a while since I've blogged simply cus I've been busy but I've definitely been doing my nails a lot - even more than I did while I was blogging (haha). I took pictures so I'll post the other reviews soon!
Today I used OPI's You're A Pisa Work and OPI's DS Classic.

I got You're A Pisa Work a couple weeks ago and finally got around to using it and I wasn't that excited about it until I had it on cus bam! It's not only a super pretty dark fuschia colour but the formula is excellent! It's a one-coater (2, if you use super thin coats).

And cus I have been dying to get my hands on one of OPI's DS holo colours and I got one from my bf for Valentine's Day, I just had to use DS Classic even if it was only on 2 fingers (1 on right, 1 on left). Unfortunately, it wasn't the linear in-your-face holo I was looking for. But, it's still a super pretty, happy, glittery gold that isn't too bright.

I was going to tape my ring fingers and paint You're A Pisa Work around it so I could end up with a gold heart on them but I opted for the little star gems instead.

Eeeek dry cuticles + hands... haha, sorry! But I like this :) It's fun, but maybe a bit too fun for work.. but luckily it's the l-o-n-g weekend (for us Canadians)! WOOOHOOOO!! Have a great one, guys!

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  1. FORGIVEN! Expecting more posts though to make up for this carelessness!